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At Coleman Strength & Recovery we strive to achieve and maintain ideal movement of the body. As we all move through life and experience overuse patterns or residual patterns from old injuries and how it affects how our bodies move as a whole. This can have a negative chain reaction throughout the body leading to issues down the road. 

Upon starting a workout program at Coleman Strength and Recovery each client is taken through a series of movements to establish the immobilities and instabilities of the client. Next, the client is created an exercise program based on that information. Because movement is such a crucial foundation for any athlete to build off of this is where we begin.  

Clients that are on our periodization programs have the benefit of increasing their conditioning levels, strength and power progressively in a safe way apposed to jumping into something the body is now ready for and causing injury. 

Roy believes that movement done with correct form and proper technique are key components in creating a strong, lifelong athlete.  His skill set allows him to quickly identify an athlete's individual needs and prepares them to safely advance their training to the next level.  By early recognition of compensational or poor movement patterns, Roy is able to help correct an athlete's limitations and asymmetries.  If left uncorrected, the athlete can be at greater risk for injury down the road.  
Roy specializes in restoring mobility and stability with his clients.  Once an athlete has established a solid foundation,  proper form, techniques and safety, he or she is ready to take their training to the next level.  Clients will see noticeable increase their power, strength, skill and endurance.   Once you get to this point the sky is the limit.

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